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Gradient alloy

screw die

Gradient alloy

nut die

Gradient alloy

drill point die

Focuses on serving the cold heading forging industry

As a national-grade high-tech enterprise,
Xinjingrui Tungsten Steel possesses world-class invention patent for gradient alloy!
It focuses on serving the cold heading forging industry!

Inner die hole processing equipment

Ultra-precise inner diameter lapper—— SUPER LAPPER SL-5
Type takes precedence over obtaining the Japan,
US and European patents in the lapper industry.
Due to its unique operation, it achieves high efficient and over-speed processing!

Usage report of gradient alloy

Streamary,Usage report of gradient alloy

Equipment and technology output of the whole plant

Equipment and technology output of the whole plant,
manufacturing and sintering technology of tungsten steel product,
possession of over 40 years of experience in tungsten steel sintering.



Apply to automobile industry, aerospace,

manufacture industry and various fields.






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